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 Kisa Dalmatinski Vrisak, our first Tornjak
arrived from Croatia in fall of 2022.
Tornjak are a
n ancient breed of 
livestock guardian dogs (LGD).  Six months later Zadok The Warrior arrived from Alberta, Canada.


Both young dogs are learning to guard
our flock of sheep and goats, under tutelage of Hero,
a wonderful mixed breed LGD.
Hero shows a typical stance when facing a potential threat, head and tail lifted and very alert.
The dogs live with our flock, and make sure that predators don't get away with murder.


Hero and Kisa responding to a visiting Shepherd.
"Thou shalt not enter."

We are very pleased to share the news that our Tornjaks have become the first female and male show champions of their breed in UKC competition
(verified by UKC Feb 2024!)
both finished the title
in December 2023.

2-Kisa, Zadok_8084.jpg

 Kisa and Zadok think it's more fun to get dirty at home.


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