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In September of 2022 we welcomed our first Tornjak, Kisa Dalmatinski Vrisak from Croatia.
Tornjak are a
n ancient breed of
livestock guardian dogs (LGD) 
and Kisa joins our LGD team of Oscar (Maremma) and Hero (Great Pyrenees x Anatolian Shepherd) in protecting our livestock.


Oscar (left) relaxes with the flock.
Hero (right) shows a typical stance when facing a potential threat, head and tail lifted and very alert.
The boys live with our flock, and make sure that predators don't get away with murder.
Kisa is learning the job under supervision.
Photo is her first session with the sheep.


Kisa will also be shown occasionally, to help introduce her breed to this country.
Her first show day took place in December 2022, where she achieved the distinction of being the first Tornjak shown in North America, and excelled by earning Group placements in both shows that day, from the Junior Puppy class.  Show photos by show photographer.

1-Kisa-ODS 1-10-22_9372.jpg

In March 2023 we welcomed our second Tornjak, Zadok the Warrior, from Alberta, Canada.

1-Kisa, Zadok_0910.jpg

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Zadok, inviting Kisa to play, and getting acquainted with some of his future charges.

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