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Newhope - Crossfire

Kennel Health

Newhope Crossfire dogs undergo extensive health testing

prior to being part of our breeding team.

All prospective parents have x-rays on hips and elbows,

eye tests by CERF

and heart auscultations. 


Border Collies have known status for CEA, either by DNA test or by parentage.  Any dog found to have carrier status is mated only to a clear dog,

ensuring no puppies will develop this problem. 

Border Collies are also BAER tested.

Irish Red and White Setters have additional tests for CLAD and vWD

(or are known clear by parentage).  We have also begun Thyroid testing,

and will soon know the status of all our dogs.

As genetics cannot be controlled, we can not guarantee

that a dog will never develop a problem.

We have ourselves experienced the heartbreak

that comes when a dog develops  genetic problems,

and are committed to doing all that we can to produce

healthy, well socialized puppies that will give joy to our clients.

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