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Newhope - Crossfire

Kennel History

Ch Captiva Lilt

of Irish Laughter

Photo by Leslie Samson



The Crossfire adventure began with Lilt

aka Ch. Captiva Lilt of Irish Laughter, purchased from Jill Taylor in 1997.

Life with Lilt was indeed an adventure - everything I thought I knew

about dogs and training had to be revised,

as Setters just don't have the same way of learning or being that Border Collies have.

The new adventure took Wayne and I to both the show ring and the hunting field, and introduced us to a whole new group of friends.

Torrey - aka Ch Taniswood Time Will Tell - arrived from England in 2000,

and became the Crossfire patriarch.

The kennel today is based firmly on the legacy of Torrey and Lilt.

Torrey's breeder Chris Goldsmith has become a great friend and mentor,

and trusted us with a second dog Tagg -

aka Ch Taniswood Strange Magic FDJ in 2005.

Tagg was Crossfire's  first to earn the Field Dog Junior (FDJ) title.

Photo by Barb Gowan

Ch Taniswood Time Will Tell


Ch Taniswood Strange Magic FDJ  "Tagg"

Many wonderful dogs have graced our lives at Crossfire since those first days.  I would be remiss to not mention our lovely Dani -

aka CKC/AKC Ch Crossfire Dancing In My Dreams (our first AKC Ch)

and our handsome Johnny - aka Ch Crossfire Johnny Appleseed,

daughter and son of Torrey.

These two were wonderful dogs,

working as a brace - undefeated at breed level -

part of the first show team of IRWS in North America,

as well as being good in the field.

Most important, they were wonderful, loving and treasured companions,

and superior representatives of their breed everywhere they went.

CKC/AKC Ch Crossfire Dancing In My Dreams  "Dani"

Ch Crossfire Johnny Appleseed


We have finished a number of champions in Canada,

as well as a few in the US, mostly with homebred dogs.

Our current dog family is  descended from

Torrey and Lilt, primarily through Dani

and her sister Crossfire Faerydance

and half sister Crossfire Sugar Maple.

On to the future - we are hoping to complete a few more CH titles,

as well as FDJ titles. 

Several of our dogs are already pointed in one or both of these areas.

As well, we plan to raise more wonderful dogs.

The satisfaction that comes with providing families with beautiful,

loving and healthy companions is our reward,

and we feel privileged to count a number of our puppy clients

among our friends.

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