Ch. Captiva Lilt of Irish Laughter

Lilt     1997—2009

This section of our website

is dedicated to her memory.

Crossfire Irish Red and White Setters

North America’s first Irish Red and White Setter team, Woodstock, Ontario 2008

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Since 1997

Meet the Crossfire Irish Red and White Setters

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We discovered the Irish Red and White Setter  in 1997 and it was love at first sight.  Lilt arrived in the fall, and life has never been the same. 

Lilt was the most joyful dog imaginable.  Everything was fun, and she lived her life with a zest.

Lilt and I learned together what showing was about — it wasn’t her favourite thing to do, but she put up with it in return for equal time in the field.  Although she was very birdy, family commitments did not allow me to work on field titles at that time, and it was her daughter that first ventured into field events with me.

Our Activities with our Setters

Our Setters have provided laughs and tears over the years.  They have brought us many new friendships and acquaintances which have enriched our lives.  We have met wonderful people from all over North America and beyond

who share a passion for our

beautiful, birdy, and brainy breed.

Our goal in breeding is to produce Setters with awesome natures, sound minds, and correct structure; dogs that will excel as hunting partners, in the show ring,

or as a valued member of a family. 
Each of our dogs and puppies is treasured for  its own unique qualities and characteristics.